Litehouse Ranch Dressing 'Fanatic' Shows Off His Merch -- And His Band

Litehouse dressings and dips fanatic Ranch Guy wants to share some of the offbeat contents of his Ranch Cave in the lead up to the Super Bowl—and then give some of that merchandise away.

How offbeat?

Among other items, he has a concave Super Ranch Ring that’s perfect for dipping snacks on the go, and a tap through which one can endlessly pour condiments.

It all comes to life in the latest iteration of the “Litehouse In The House” campaign that broke last October, with ranch-dressing fanatic Nathan—Colorado actor/comedian Nathan Lund—painting lines on a football field with his favorite liquid.

Now he’s in his Ranch Cave, where he “spreads the goodness for breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner, midnight snack and 2 a.m. good-boy treat” as seen in this creative from the Karsh Hagan agency.



When he’s not painting field lines or snacking, Nathan plays guitar in his rock-and-ranch band called Captain Ranch & The Celery Sticks.

Although Litehouse won’t be advertising during the Super Bowl, it’s running a contest through Feb. 12 in which winners can win an assortment of Ranch Cave essentials featured in the ads and a year’s worth of Litehouse products.

In a survey of 2,000 U.S. football fans conducted for the brand last October by OnePoll, 43% of respondents chose blue cheese as their favorite game-day dip -- and 42% were “team ranch,” according to Litehouse.

“At Litehouse, we believe you shouldn’t have to pick sides, and you can root for both a great game and great food,” vice president of marketing and communications Paul Hemingway said in a news release.


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