Audi Launches CX Digital Agency

Marco Tomada (left) and Stephan Strecker 

Audi is launching a customer experience digital agency in partnership with Toronto-based Bimm.

Audi RED (Rapid Experience Development), a new agency based in North America, will focus on identifying and creating enhanced customer experiences across Audi’s digital ecosystem.

Audi RED will enable the brand to quickly mobilize, activate, and tackle complex digital solutions and pilot new customer-facing experiences. 

The joint venture was created in 50-50 partnership with Bimm, a Kyu Collective member and data-driven creative agency. Audi and the agency have worked together more than 15 years. 

Audi RED will be led by Marco Tomada and Stephan Strecker with the support of a board of directors made up of equal partner members.



Tomada was vice president of operations at Bimm. Strecker has more than 10 years of experience at various roles at Audi AG in Germany.

Customer expectations are changing rapidly, says Mirjam Abel, vice president, digital business, Audi of America and Audi Canada.

The new agency will give the luxury brand the speed and scale it needs to serve the North American audience and beyond, Abel says. 

Eventually, the entire customer journey will be digital, says Boris Meiners, head of digital business portfolio and program management at Audi AG.

“Audi RED is one way we will create a consistent, seamless and emotional premium experience at all brand touch points,” Meiners says in a release. 

The goal of Audi RED is to bring together subject matter experts across technology, strategy and creative to think beyond the day-to-day and develop reimagined digital experiences for the Audi customer.    

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