KFC Goes National With Wraps

Starting Feb. 6, Kentucky Fried Chicken will offer Wraps nationwide for a limited time.

To celebrate the release, KFC will offer two Wraps for $5, or $3 each.

The Wraps launched in 2022 in Atlanta, and KFC was encouraged by the response on social media, with more than 42,000 mentions on Twitter.

KFC is offering some fans on Twitter a giant tortilla wrap blanket and a KFC gift card to try KFC Wraps.

The KFC Wraps come in two options: The Classic Chicken Wrap includes chicken tenders, pickles and mayonnaise, wrapped in a warm tortilla. The Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap covers an Extra Crispy Tender in a mix of KFC coleslaw, sauce and pickles.

KFC previously offered the Wraps, then called “KFC Twister Wraps,” but pulled them in 2014.

McDonald’s phased out its Snack Wraps several years ago as a nationwide offering. In June 2020, it also discontinued them as a local option. McDonald’s currently has no plans to revive that menu option.



During McDonald’s Q4 earnings call, executives noted that McDonald’s was gaining share in chicken. This new entry is KFC’s attempt to change that.

During a recent interview, KFC CMO Nick Chavez said that the wraps are also part of a plan to expand KFC’s audience. “I think it’s fair to say that our core customer, the customer who comes to KFC most frequently is older than the average QSR customer -- and that’s great, we love them and want to continue to serve them,” Chavez told Nation’s Restaurant News. “And we need to bring in new audiences and invite new generations of customers to discover KFC.”


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