Urology Tripleheader: Prostate, PD Campaigns, New ED Meds



Enlarged prostate is a fairly common men’s health condition treated by urologists, Peyronie’s disease (a curved penis) decidedly less so. Each is the subject of separate national ad campaigns announced this week. And there’s also a tasty new product for erectile dysfunction.

Enlarged Prostate

The humorous, racetrack-themed “Pit Stop,” from medtech company Teleflex, is designed to raise awareness of its UroLift minimally invasive outpatient procedure for enlarged prostate.

In the 60-second spot, running on national TV and digital, a driver makes a pit stop in the middle of a race because “I have to hit the bathroom right now.” “Again?” asks a member of his crew, "Since you’ve hit your fifties, that enlarged prostate has you going frequently.” He suggests that the driver ask his urologist about the UroLift system. “Is that a European tire jack?” responds the driver. The spot’s final message after a few more humorous bits: “Take care of #1.”




“Man With a Plan,” from pharmaceutical company Endo, aims to motivate men with symptoms of Peyronie’s disease to visit, where they can get more info about the company’s Xiaflex injection treatment and use a search tool to find a Xiaflex trained urologist near them.

A 30-second spot from Klick opens with scenes of worried men searching online for answers to such questions as “What causes a curve down there?” and “Who can I talk to?” Then, the spot declares, “Stop typing. Start talking  -- to a specialized urologist.” An estimated one in 10 men may have the condition, the spot continues. “Say goodbye to searching online. Find a specialized urologist...who can diagnose PD and build a treatment plan with you. Visit today.”

To reach those men searching online, Endo’s campaign includes paid search.  There are also two :15 spots, digital and social content, and materials for doctors’ offices.

Media placements, handled by Healix, include CBS broadcast news, prime-time and syndicated shows likes “Blue Bloods” and “Hawaii Five-0.”  Social ads launching soon will use Meta’s Facebook and Instagram as well as Reddit.

The target demo is men 45+.

Endo began running unbranded TV spots and campaigns about PD in 2017, and launched the first branded Xiaflex campaign -- Bent Carrot -- in 2021.

In addition to the unbranded “Man With a Plan” campaign, Endo also plans branded TV spots this year, with staggered flights.

Endo tells Marketing Daily that it will measure success of “Man With a Plan” by number of website sessions and usage of specialist locator info, along with market research studies.


If PD isn’t a problem, perhaps ED is.

Hims & Hers this week launched prescription chewable wintergreen-flavored Hard Mints for erectile dysfunction. They come in a variety of dosages, starting with a month’s supply, the company says, adding that “Hard Mints by Hims is a highly personalized treatment that can be tailored to each individual’s health needs and preferences by their medical provider.”

In addition to different dosages, prescriptions will vary by active ingredients, with Hims offering either Vardenafil, which is used by Levitra and Stayxn; tadalafil, which is found in Cialis; and a combination of tadalafil and sildenafil, found in Viagra, which Hims says is a “unique formulation.”

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