RTD Beverage Brand JuneShine's Super Bowl Advice: Drink, 'Earth' Responsibly


What does it mean to “earth responsibly” during Super Bowl parties?

One example would be to reject the urge to plant baby trees and ruin the host’s poolside landscaping.

That’s exactly what one well-intentioned party attendee does in the first Super Bowl ad for ready-to-drink spirits brand JuneShine.

Launched in 2018, JuneShine’s key differentiators in a sea of RTD options are no sweeteners, syrups or artificial flavors, a carbon-neutral production process, and financial donations to nonprofit environmental groups.

Planting unwanted trees is the comic fail in this 30-second spot from the Humanaut agency.

According to the voiceover, the woman doing the altruistic work is inspired by drinking JuneShine—but the party host is shocked as he bellows an angry “What the (BLEEP)”?



According to Humanaut founder and chief creative officer David Littlejohn, the spot is an example of a mission-driven company not taking itself too seriously.

“Maybe wait until Monday morning, when the party’s over, to engage in activities to help save the world,” Littlejohn tells Marketing Daily.

The tagline is “Please Earth Responsibly”—a nod to standard alcohol purveyors’ “Please drink responsibly” advice.

While JuneShine beverages have retail distribution in 23 states, the Super Bowl buy is regional and will run only in California, where the company was founded.

Asked whether everyone will appreciate the “earth responsibly” suggestion, JuneShine director of marketing Annie Atwell says “We think so!

 It's an ask that has a lot of meaning—living on this planet sustainably, but having fun while doing it, which is our guiding principle.”

JuneShine says it is donating 1% of sales in February and March to the National Forest Foundation to support its re-forestation efforts.


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