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QR Codes In SB?

When it comes to QR Codes, this Super Bowl was a more restrained affair than last year’s.

There were just two QR Code ads—from LimitBreak and Michelob Ultra—Sunday night, as opposed to four in last year’s game and two in 2021.

One big expectation was that Avocados from Mexico would introduce a QR code ad during Sunday night’s game. The brand had considered using a code to link to ChatGPT, which then would generate a tweet. But it eventually nixed the idea.

Limit Break’s animated ad, created in-house, featured a QR code that users could scan to access an NFT (see above). The NFT promoted the brand’s new game, DigiDaigauku.

Michelob Ultra’s ad, via Wieden + Kennedy, featured an image of a can with a QR code that promised early access to the Netflix golf-themed series "Full Swing."

It is not known how many people scanned the code for either ad. Last year, Coinbase said that 20 million people scanned the QR code in its ad within 60 seconds.

Also in contrast with last year’s Super Bowl, there were no ads for crypto brands, though Limit Break’s ad came close with its giveaway of digital tokens.



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