Kochava Acquires Machine Advertising To Enlarge Media Measurement Options

Real-time data company Kochava has acquired Machine Advertising, an app-marketing technology,

The new addition will allow Kochava to enhance the company’s metrics approach with Machine’s Always-on Incremental Measurement (AIM) product, as well as enlarge its reach in the EMEA region.

“Machine’s product focus to deliver always-on incrementality measurement aligns perfectly with our own objectives to add instant value to our clients,” said Charles Manning, founder-CEO of Kochava.

Kochava’s Marketers Operating System (m/OS) unites data and omnichannel options into a cohesive system, including the ability to build third-party solutions into the platform.

Privacy concerns have created a walled garden environment in which advertisers may not always have access to click measurements, impacting the ability to optimize a campaign. Incremental measurement is becoming an alternative to last-click attribution.

Throughout 2022, Kochava and Machine Advertising worked together to leverage the AIM tool for Kochava advertisers in real time. It is completely agnostic of any mobile measurement partner.

Gary Danks, CEO of London-based Machine Advertising, said “being part of a larger organization allows us to take our vision to the next level and have a greater impact on the industry.”



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