Men's Underwear Brand Saxx Launches 'Drop Temp' Collection In Its First Virtual Store

Premium men’s underwear and apparel brand Saxx has entered the metaverse via a new virtual store on the Emperia platform. The store features underwear, tops, and swimwear from the company’s new collection of thermodynamic clothing, marking the first virtual store dedicated to an underwear brand.

Upon entering the store, the company says shoppers are transported to “an oxymoronic environment” where it's snowing in the desert, highlighting the cooling qualities of the brand’s new DropTemp collection.

As visitors continue through the store, a pathway lined with shoppable product displays leads to an open-air showroom, as well as a swimming pool, where shoppers are encouraged to “dive in” and unlock another retail area consisting of a variety of prints from Saxx’s swimwear line.



“Not only does this mark our first virtual store, but it’s also our first-ever standalone retail location where shoppers can walk around and interact with our products -- albeit virtually,” said Wendy Bennison, CEO of Saxx.

As more brands begin experimenting with virtual stores and products, Emperia has been popping up as a leading virtual designer for the retail and fashion sectors, having worked with brands such as Dior, Bloomingdale's, Burberry, Lacoste, Pinko, and others.

The company says that its 3D technology aims to provide clear representation of branded merchandise in virtual spaces, allowing brands to then sell products in a way that simulates a realistic shopping experience.

“Emperia has been seeing a great retail shift in 2022, with many of our partner brands creating virtual flagship stores, extending their e-commerce presence into a 3D form,” says Olga Dogadkina, co-founder and CEO of Emperia. 

Dogadkina added that brands often choose to go virtual in order to grow sales, deepen their relationships with shoppers, and increase overall engagement. 

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