TransUnion Rebrands, Explains 'Tru' Strategy

TransUnion has announced the rebrand of its global data-solutions business, combining thousands of business-to-businesses (B2B) product lines into seven. The move follows the acquisitions of Neustar and Sontiq in December 2021. The new name of the product group is Tru. The agency Bluegreen helped with the transformation. 

Getting through the transformation required TransUnion to combine dozens of products into seven global product lines, including TruAudience, TruValidate, TruVision, TruIQ, TruEmpower, TruLookup, and TruContact. The goal is to help brands working with TransUnion better understand the services.

Search & Performance Marketing Daily caught up with Rachel Klein, vice president of global brand and marketing at TransUnion, to talk about how the changes will affect the company’s B2B sector. Klein has officially been with the company for 4-1/2 years, but worked as a consultant on the agency side for years previously.

A few years ago, TransUnion started a project to better articulate the services offered by the company. Klein said the marketing and brand teams refreshed the company’s narrative and the way employees communicate about its services.

S&PMD:  Why wait to rebrand the services now?

Klein:  TransUnion has been evolving for years, but expanded into new areas in which we did not serve before. The company was known as a credit-risk provider, credit-reporting agency.

The last couple of years through acquisitions we expanded into fraud and marketing, and then into communications and a few other spaces. While we could have benefited from the change a few years ago, the time was right now to bring all these assets together under the seven lines.

S&PMD:  How do these new services add to the credit part of the business?

Klein:  Our business buyers were credit-risk buyers for decades. There are new buyers we can now service. We now can service the person in charge of the call center, the fraud manager, the chief marketing officer. It’s not really about expanding the credit risk portfolio, but rather if your fraud manager is looking for insights to mitigate fraud, we can help with that.

S&PMD:  Are there other marketing changes the company plans to make?

Klein:  We also visually refreshed the images thinking it as a way to trigger change. Our website on the business side is different.

Along with this rebrand, we integrated the marketing tech stacks so that we could go to market as one TransUnion in our campaigns. That was a significant effort that may not be as visible but is just as crucial for a change like this. 

S&PMD:  How did you choose to use the name Tru?

Klein:  A couple of things inspired Tru, which is our stock ticker. So, when we say a Tru picture, our value proposition, it’s a way of saying it’s TransUnions picture based on proprietary insights that helps people make better decisions

Tru represents TransUnion. It represents the true picture. And the promise of enabling trust in commerce. TransUnion is the anchor point for each of the seven services.

S&PMD:  Where you involved with the name and branding?

Klein:  I was involved with TransUnion in 2014 when we launched Information for Good as our purpose statement. To me this began in 2014, the year before the company went public. We were trying to articulate a mission and purpose. Over the years it evolved. … During the past couple of years we’ve been filling out the rest of the story and filling in the seven lines. 

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