Google Adds Performance Max Features, Automates Campaigns To Work Across All Ad Inventory

Google will soon roll out four features for Performance Max, ranging from exclusions to video tools to analytics.

Tim Frank, senior director of product management at Google Ads, explains in a post that advertisers using Performance Max achieve, on average, more than 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action. He attributes the 5%-point increase over 14 months to ongoing advancements in underlying artificial intelligence (AI) technology for bidding, creative and search-query matching, and new formats such as YouTube Shorts.

In this next series of updates, Frank wrote that campaign-level brand exclusions are being added to ensure the platform does not serve on branded queries that advertisers may want to avoid. The feature prevents ads from serving for specific branded queries on Search and Shopping inventory.

Applying these exclusions also helps to block traffic from most brand misspellings and brand searches in a foreign language.

Page feeds will give advertisers the ability to send traffic to a specific set of landing page URLs on their website. The feature allows marketers to gain direct traffic to specific landing-page URLs on their company’s website and group those URLs by theme using labels to make them more easily usable in a particular campaign or asset group.

Video-creation editing tools will directly integrate into the campaign setup workflow. And, additional reporting for asset group level reporting and budget pacing insights. It will help advertisers increase an understanding of how campaigns are performing. 

Marketers also gain additional reporting that provides the ability to view conversions, conversion value, cost, and other metrics at the asset group level.

This data will enable marketers to refine creative strategy and optimize campaigns.

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