Spectrum Reach And Waymark Offer Generative AI TV Ad Voiceovers

Spectrum Reach, the advertising sales business of Charter Communications, Inc., has teamed up with video startup Waymark to create an AI-powered platform that allows brands  to produce video commercials with an AI-generated voiceover. 

Spectrum Reach clients can type in their business name, location and desired tone, and Waymark’s AI capability will automatically create a personalized video commercial.

Users can choose from 11 AI voices with different vocal timbres, deliveries, energies and speeds, the companies say. A ready-to-air commercial will emerge within minutes, they claim.

The firms have worked together since 2017 to make video advertising available to small and medium-sized businesses. 

“Producing any video, much less a quality TV commercial, can sometimes be consuming and expensive,” says Alex Persky-Stern, CEO of Waymark. 

Persky-Stern adds that business owners can create “do-it-yourself commercials, using images from their social footprint and with or without AI voiceover.”



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