Visa Direct Podcast "Humanizes" The Fast-Paced World Of Monetary Transactions

Visa Direct  has launched a new podcast series called “Money Travels” that is designed to tell the “human side” of global monetary transactions. 

The series was created in partnership with marketing agency Episode Four with each episode (12 in all) illustrating how regional payment trends and local payment nuances are impacting the global money movement landscape. 

“Money Travels” is hosted by Dr. Indre Viskontas, the podcast host of the series “Inquiring Minds” and includes industry experts (from Visa and their partners) who illustrate how advances in money movement can make people's lives easier.  

As an award-winning neuroscientist, Viskontas takes an outside-in approach to explore topics like sending global remittances, paying gig workers, connecting digital wallets, fighting money fraud, and more. 

The series is available on all popular global podcast platforms.  Click here to listen to the first three episodes.




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