Volvo Launches 'For Life' Brand Platform

Volvo Cars is launching a new brand platform in conjunction with the debut of its flagship SUV, the 2024 Volvo EX90, introduced recently at CES.

Expanding focus beyond sensing and predicting accidents outside of the vehicle to the state of the driver, the “For Life” platform engages with the topic of safety from the angle of psychological safety. 

The effort features a 60-second spot created in partnership with AKQA and Grey. It shows a collection of real-life stories and everyday moments featuring Swedish pop star Seinabo Sey, paralympian Lui Cuiqing and professional skateboarder Sky Brown.

Following the recent arrival of the fully electric Volvo EX90, the Swedish automaker aims to ignite a conversation with consumers around the question: Could how you feel affect how you drive?



"The Questions of Safety," featured on the effort’s web site, invites people to actively share “how life affects how they drive” and vice versa. The aim is to open up the dialogue for a new level of engagement with Volvo Cars customers around the world and gather meaningful insights on driver behavior, Volvo says.

This research will fuel Volvo Research and Development and potentially inspire further research and new products, services and experiences for the entire automotive industry to make the world safer.

The automaker aims to be a pioneer in the protection of people and the planet, said Andreas Malm, creative director at Volvo Cars.

“We hope to bring to life safety beyond the traditional sense and highlight how you only can live life truly free when you both are and feel safe,” Malm says in a release. 

The agencies have worked to expand how to think about safety, says Peter Lund, AKQA global chief creative officer Peter Lund.

“We've all been taught that the safety net is merely there to protect us when we fall,” Lund says in a release. “But, in fact, it carries deeper importance, giving us the confidence to take flight and create progress.”

“For Life” speaks to “the extraordinary power of cultivating psychological safety and putting mental health and emotional well-being at the center of everything we do,” adds Grey CEO Laura Maness.

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