PulsePoint And Komodo Health Debut Patient Analytics/Measurement Tool

PulsePoint has partnered with Komodo Health to unveil a measurement tool comprised of analytics and visualization capabilities for first-party audience profiling and measurement. 

The goal is to provide “a stronger, first-party point of view of the consumer with actionable outcomes to optimize campaigns and strategy,” says Andrew Stark, chief revenue officer at PulsePoint.

The product combines PulsePoint data with the Komodo Healthcare Map, to help firms:

  • Understand needed to improve audience quality and maximize qualified audience impact.
  • Drill down into key demographic and clinical insights about the audience reached, such as geolocation, age, and gender, knowing who initiated, refilled, or stopped an Rx, or switched to or from a competitor.
  • Identify campaign-driven script lift for exposed and unexposed patients based on a dynamic test and control methodology. 



The firms claim to provide “unbiased, third-party DTC campaign measurement on exposed and unexposed audiences.” 

PulsePoint will gain “a more comprehensive and representative view of their patient audience" to connect "individual patient journeys and large-scale clinical outcomes," says Aswin Chandrakantan, MD, chief operating officer at Komodo Health.


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