Folloze Launches ChatGPT Tool For B2B Marketers

B2B experience platform Folloze has debuted an ChatGPT content recommendation and buyer insight tool. 

The new offering, Folloze AI, helps B2B marketers create content for every digital touchpoint and generate first-party intent data, the company says.  

Folloze AI allows for different types of use, from fully automated to fully curated. The fully curated use keeps the “human in the loop,” Folloze says.

The goal is to ensure that “the best content is served and first party intent insights are surfaced to drive impact in the revenue cycle creation,” states David Brutman, co-founder and chief product officer, Folloze.

Brutman notes that companies “are looking to rationalize their stack and find a scalable way to power data-driven digital buyer journeys operated by all marketers, not just a few." 

The new feature is built specifically to help brands leverage the B2B buying journey, the company says. It tags content, recognizes viewing patterns and makes recommendations based on those patterns in real time, the firm adds.  

Folloze AI, which is now available for select customers in beta, is the newest enhancement to Folloze Buyer Experience 3.0, a no-code product introduced last September.  



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