Google Client-Side Encryption Now Available In Gmail

Google is rolling out its client-side encryption (CSE), effective Tuesday.

The capability, announced last December, is now generally available for Gmail and Calendar.

The expansion of CSE capabilities across Google Workspace helps to significantly reduce the burden of compliance for enterprises and public sector organizations,” the company says in a blog post authored by Ganesh Chilakapati, group product manager, Google Workspace, and Andy Wen, director, product management, Google Workplace Security.  

In addition: “It gives organizations higher confidence that any third party, including Google and foreign governments, cannot access their confidential data,” the authors write. 

Client-side encryption ensures that “customers have sole control over their encryption keys — and thus complete control over all access to their data,” the post states. 

It continues: “Starting today, users can send and receive emails or create meeting events with internal colleagues and external parties, knowing that their sensitive data (including inline images and attachments) has been encrypted before it reaches Google servers.” 

One user of client-side encryption is PwC.

“We have been searching for the capability to guarantee that our encrypted communications remain inaccessible to third-parties, including our technology providers, for some time,” says Shaun Bookham, UK Operations & Technology Director at PwC, according to the blog post.

Client-side encryption will provide users with “complete control over our sensitive data, ensuring that we remain compliant as an organization in the ever-changing world of data regulation,” Bookham adds.  

Another user is Verizon, which worked alongside Google to develop new encryption solutions. 

 “At Verizon, we adhere to governance requirements related to access of our sensitive data while also providing the best experience coupled with deep trust,” states Russell Leader, director collaboration and mobility at Verizon, the post continues.




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