Coca-Cola Creates AI Platform That Lets People Use Its Visual Assets To Create Works Of Art

Coca-Cola today unveiled the launch of a new platform called “Create Real Magic,” where people can use iconic Coca-Cola visual assets to create their own works of art. 

The company worked with a number of partners on the project including OpenAI, Bain, influencer artists, and WPP Open X, the dedicated marketing unit WPP created when it became The Coca-Cola Company’s global network marketing partner in 2021.  



According to Coca-Cola it is the first company to use the latest versions of DALL-E and GPT to create AI-based artwork.  

The platform allows people to work with Coca-Cola images such as the contour bottle, Spencerian script logo, Santa Claus and Polar Bears along with AI technology to create their own artwork.  

“Our company is embracing the power of digital in every aspect of our business, and ‘Create Real Magic’ is a way to invite even more people to join us,” said Coca-Cola global CMO Manolo Arroyo. “We invite fans of Coca-Cola to experiment and create their own, totally unique AI-based artwork using this innovative new platform.”   

As part of a contest running through March 31, creators from among 17 participating countries can submit their artwork to potentially be featured on Coca-Cola’s billboards in New York’s Time Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus.    

Thirty of those creators will also be selected to participate in the Real Magic Creative Academy and will be invited to a three-day creative workshop at Coca-Cola's headquarters in Atlanta. 

“This campaign is an opportunity to co-create with artists and fans of Coca-Cola,” Arroyo said. “It’s also just a start to accessing AI’s potential impact in marketing and engaging consumers in ways they haven’t imagined.”  

As part of the launch of the campaign, Coca-Cola has partnered with four global AI artists who have created custom art using Coca-Cola imagery together with OpenAI technology and other Coca-Cola assets.   


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