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Sweetgreen, Other Brands Partner With Ness Health Premium Credit Card

Fast-casual restaurant chain Sweetgreen and other brands are offering discounts and rewards through Ness, which launched in beta Wednesday as a premium credit card for “when health & wellness means more to you than travel.”

Sweetgreen will reward Ness cardmembers with $15 in credit for every $75 they spend. That works out to a free salad every fifth purchase, Ness says, or up to $360 in savings annually.

That $360, incidentally, nicely makes up for the $349 annual fee that Ness charges cardholders.

Also, for a “limited time,” Ness members can receive $500 worth of points for spending $6,000 during their first 90 days.

Cardholders can also get $200 worth of points annually for spending on healthy activities like working out, walking, mindfulness, and even sleeping -- and another $200 in points by spending at healthy merchants.



Other brands teaming up with Ness include:

  • Primary care provider Parsley Health ($300 in annual credit)
  • Fitness facility operator Exhale Spa ($200)
  • Personal trainers Fyt ($200)
  • Probiotic company Seed Health ($100)
  • Sauna blanket marketer HigherDOSE, ($100)

Ness says its members receive 5x points for spending at healthy merchants, including restaurants (“as long as they use health-related words on their menus and websites”), grocery stores, beauty supply stores and salons, pharmacies, doctors and fitness gyms. They also receive 2x points for all other expenses.

Points earned can be redeemed for purchases from a couple of dozen brands at present, ranging from Sweetgreen again (1,500 points gets cardmembers a free $15 salad) and Chipotle (3,000 points for $30 in healthy eating) to Canyon Ranch (450,000 points for a three-day all-inclusive retreat).

While Ness lays claim to being “the first premium health and wellness credit card,” it isn’t the first such card of any kind. A year ago, Krowdfit launched a no-annual-fee Wellness Awards Mastercard, offering 4% cash-back on eligible health-and-wellness purchases, along with other perks.

The Ness card, licensed by Mastercard, is issued through The Bank of Missouri. The latter, reported Fox Business, now also holds a majority of some $5 million in Ness’ capital which had been held by Silicon Valley Bank.

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