Firm Offers Tool For Creating Contextual Audio Ads With Generative AI

AI marketing firm Instreamatic has unveiled an AI tool that it says allows advertisers dynamically generate custom audio content. 

The new offering, Contextual Audio ads, is designed to improve traditional audio ads, and increase advertiser engagement and ROI.

Contextual audio ads are “better at capturing listeners’ attention because they speak precisely to that listener’s context and needs in the moment,” states Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic. 

Tushinskiy adds, “Starting from a single original audio ad, our advanced generative Voice AI capabilities can create unlimited new creatives to address each listener as an individual.”

The company offers this use case: an actor might record a traditional 30-second audio ad spot and record a few variations.

With the new product, brands can use generative AI to synthesize the actor’s voice and automatically generate hundreds or thousands of ad variations in one campaign, the company says. 

Contextual Audio Ad platform identifies parameters unique to each individual listener, and serves ads aligned to those variables, it adds. 

These ads can include spoken details that include the listeners’ location, time of day, the name or type of app or platform being used, the activity they’re engaging in  and the current local weather.





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