'Flying' Magazine Owner FMG Acquires Plane & Pilot And 'ByDanJohnson'

The aviation magazine market has consolidated with the acquisition of Plane & Pilot, a monthly magazine and online site, by Flying Media Group. (FMG), publisher of Flying magazine. Terms of the purchase from Madover, a subsidiary of The Bebop Channel, were not disclosed. 

FMG is working toward offering bundled subscriptions for Plane & Pilot and Flying, according to a report in Flying.

In addition, FMG last week announced its acquisition of ByDanJohnson, a provider of news and content serving the light sport aircraft (LSA) market. The product will be rebranded as Affordable Aviation, and LSA content will be featured in Flying and Plane & Pilot, along with Aircraft for Sale, a classified aircraft listing. 

Plane & Pilot has been publishing for 50 years, and has been seen at times as a competitor to Flying. However, there are differences between the magazines.



Flying is an aspirational title, covering general aviation, from sports models to business jets. Plant & Pilot is more focused on the piston community and the world of private pilots. 

“Our goal is to keep Plane & Pilot focused on its roots, while expanding the depth and quantity of content that serves the piston community,” states Craig Fuller, CEO of FMG, “Therefore, Flying and Plane & Pilot will continue as separate brands, with differentiated coverage and editorial teams.”

FMG plans to “dive deeper into the specialized segments of the piston market with expanded investment in Plane & Pilot,” Fuller adds.


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