Twitter Lets Users Offer Content Subscriptions

Twitter users will now be able to offer their followers subscriptions to content, including long-form text and hours-long video CEO Elon Musk announced in tweets yesterday. 

The new feature is the latest effort by the heavily in-debt platform to create new revenue streams. 

But to encourage as much initial uptake as possible, with the longer revenue picture apparently in mind, for the next 12 months, Twitter will turn over all subscriptions revenue generated to the creators/sponsoring users.

That will mean that creators receive 70% of revenue for subscriptions on iOS and Android, which both take 30% off the top, and at least 92% on the Web. 

After the first year, iOS and Android fees decrease to 15%, and Twitter will take “a small amount on top of that, depending on volume,” Musk said. 

Twitter will also help users promote their content/subscriptions. 

“Our goal is to maximize creator prosperity,” Musk tweeted. “At any point, you can leave our platform and take your work with you. Easy in, easy out.”

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