Ram Takes Jab At 'Guinea Pig' Consumers

Stellantis is poking fun at early adopters and the automakers who were first-to-market with electric pickup trucks. 

The spot, for the Ram 1500 Rev electric truck, shows the benefits of taking the time to get it right. 

Created by Bingham Farms, Michigan-based Ludwig+, the effort is in support of the truck’s recent New York International Auto Show debut.

The campaign includes a 60-second spot and two 15-second cutdowns. The effort will primarily air in digital, social and TV broadcast, including the NBA Playoffs and NFL Draft.

Featuring Tim Robinson, a "Saturday Night Live" alumnus and Detroit native, the ad explores Americans’ desire to try out the “next great thing” – products that all too often don’t measure up to expectations.



Robinson chooses several fictional new products -- including a sandwich stapler, fridge compactor, a voice-controlled ottoman, and an inflatable mansion. 

When the last deflates, leaving him stranded with no shelter, he is rescued by the driver of a Ram 1500 Rev.

Sometimes the simplest insight leads to the biggest idea, says Jeff Summers, head of advertising, Ram Trucks.

“Why get there first when you can get it right?” Summers asks. “This new comedic spot demonstrates how the all-new Ram 1500 Rev is the right truck at the right time.”

The spot was directed by another comedian, Neal Brennan. 

“We wanted to acknowledge and address the concerns of EV truck skeptics as well as signal to early adopters that there is something better and worth waiting for,” says Michael Stelmaszek, Ludwig+ partner and chief creative officer. “It’s really satisfying to be able to accomplish both of these in a single execution.”

Ludwig+ began working with Stellantis last November during the launch of the Fiat 500E. 

Stelmaszek previously led the Stellantis creative team at Doner prior to joining L+ in 2021. He also was the copywriter of “The Middle,” a Jeep spot featuring Bruce Springsteen that ran during the 2021 Super Bowl.

Ludwig+ Managing Director Michael Panley helped lead the Ram relationship at The Richards Group. He worked on the two-minute Ram Super Bowl spot “Farmer” in 2013. 

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