Spunky Ad Shop Uses Web To Broker Retail TV Ad Buys

A new ad agency is offering marketers the chance to launch a television campaign with just a keyboard, mouse, and less than $500. Spot Runner allows small businesses to choose creative and a media schedule, all on its Web site.

At spotrunner.com, marketers can pick an ad from a library of pre-produced spots, and select where they'd like it to run. The company then takes care of the execution, and provides proof that the ad aired and information on the audience.

Spot Runner has put together a collection of spots that are appropriate for a variety of enterprises, which a business can customize with its logo and other information, including a tagline. It offers category exclusivity in a specific market, and has the ability to place ads on local broadcast stations in half of the top-100 markets and on spot cable (including networks such as CNN, Bravo, and ESPN) in almost every market.

"In the past, TV advertising was too expensive, difficult and time-consuming for local businesses," said Nick Grouf, Spot Runner chairman and CEO, in a statement. "In addition, conventional ad agencies simply aren't equipped to serve local customers. Now that Spot Runner has brought the entire advertising process online, even the smallest local business can capitalize on the power of television to build its brand and attract new customers."



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