Reddit Makes Content Sharing Easier For Users, Publishers

Through a series of new updates, Reddit wants to make it easier for users and publishers to share content from the social discussion platform.

Enhanced link embeds for messaging apps and additional sharing functions will be part of Reddit’s update for iOS and Android.

“Previously, when a person came across a post, conversation, or meme on Reddit that was so incredible and impossible not to share, we didn't make it easy to send it to others,” the company plainly stated in a recent blog post.

Reddit said its features were “outdated,” and that users were taking “multiple steps to share anything.”

The company says it has over 57 million daily active users who participate in over 100,000 communities on its platform worldwide.

These users have contributed a huge amount of content -- over 13 billion posts and comments, according to Reddit.

Mobile users on both iOS and Android will now see an updated shared link preview –– which includes a preview of the content, the subreddit name, and total upvotes and comments -- for text posts that they have shared via messaging services.

In addition, Reddit is giving users the ability to share content directly from Reddit to Instagram Stories without having to screenshot or download content, as well as unveiling a custom “share sheet” featuring users’ most used sharing channels that will appear when the users clicks on the share icon under a post.

Users will also experience one-tap screenshot-sharing, which allows them to share content without having to save images to their device, “meaning they can link back to the content rather than only sending a screenshot,” per Reddit.

Publishers eager to display Reddit content on their own platforms now have a toolbox with new features that predict the height of a post or comment, showcase more prominently which community certain content stems from, and display the total tally of upvotes and comments.

In addition, publishers are now able to add a call-to-action to join a specific conversation.

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