Skai Readies Generative AI Features, As Google Search Becomes More Visual

Google's I/O developer conference on Wednesday is expected to reveal announcements related to artificial intelligence (AI), including Magi, a search-chat integration.

It’s no secret that Google wants to increase its appeal to the TikTok generation. We should expect a user interface with a more personal and conversational tone that includes user-generated and social-media content such as short-form video.

A document obtained by The Wall Street Journal explains that Google plans to make its search engine more “visual, snackable, personal, and human,” with a focus on serving young people globally.

What does that mean for advertising and marketing platforms like Skai?

"Creating tools to run on top of generative AI is probably the most exciting thing to happen in the next year or two," James Zuberi, vice president of product management at Skai, tells Inside Performance.



It’s no surprise that the changes Google and Microsoft continue to make to their search engines around generative AI will have a ripple effect throughout the advertising and marketing industry.

Skai helps brands buy media on the large platforms. As the platforms change core experiences, the way brands interact with consumers also will change. Generative AI has become a more important element of the services.

Skai clients will begin to see more features powered by generative AI coming out before the end of Q2.

“We are pretty far along in the process to release that initial set of features,”  Zuberi says. 

Advertisers can use the features to get recommendations for how messaging can be adjusted to improve performance. All self-service offerings within the platform.

Zuberi says the company is also thinking about image generation, as well as get closer to landing pages. A marketers may try to understand search intent and how to craft a compelling message. Once there’s a click, the landing page takes responsibility for driving a consumer to make a purchase.

“One thing cool about generative AI is these models can surf a lot of pages and synthesize the information,” he says. “One area that could be interesting is helping paid marketers get closer to landing pages and offer dialog with organic teams. Today, only some of the most advance clients do today.”

GPT falls into one class of AI -- natural-language processing. Skai, along with most companies supporting marketers, has become heavily invested in these products.

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