Amazon Anywhere Offers In-Game Shopping For Apps, Games

Amazon is bringing its online market to an immersive shopping experience the company calls “Amazon Anywhere,” which enables customers to discover and buy physical products in a variety of mobile apps and games, like "Peridot," a real-world augmented-reality game from Niantic, the makers of "Pokemon Go."

“Whether you’re playing video games or using your favorite mobile app, Amazon is extending the fun within virtual worlds and interactive digital environments,” the company wrote in a recent statement.

Amazon added that it wants to bring physical items to shopping in virtual worlds, which it feels is currently limited to purchases of cryptocurrencies and in-game digital items.

The first step is partnering with "Peridot," a game that features unique virtual pets powered by artificial intelligence (AI), now available on iOS and Android devices. Users can feed, play with, walk, breed and socialize with their Peridots./p>

“When playing 'Peridot,' you can access physical products within the game as you care for one-of-a-kind creatures and explore the world together,” the company explains.

After users link their Amazon accounts to the game, they will find "Peridot"-branded products including T-shirts, hoodies, phone accessories and throw pillows featuring artwork with characters from the game. The products will feature the same details, images, availability, estimated delivery dates and Prime eligibility visible in Amazon stores.

Users can then tap the “buy” button to check out without leaving the game.

Amazon also says the new feature is for creators and developers of virtual worlds, video games and mobile apps to “curate products from the breadth of Amazon’s selection, including a brand’s own merchandise,” meaning that they can expand their own in-game or in-app environments to offer users more products for purchase without worrying about the shipping and buying logistics.

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