NBCU: We're Ready To Transact Locally On Comscore, Innovid

Following a couple of years of conditioning the national advertising marketplace to do business on a variety of new alternatives to Nielsen’s legacy ad currency, NBCUniversal this afternoon announced it’s ready to do the same with local advertising currency, saying it is ready to “transact” on Comscore’s local TV audience measurement, and to utilize Innovid’s sales attribution data to measure the performance of its local advertising buys.

NBCU originally announced it had “certified” both Comscore (for local ad currencies) and Innovid (as an “enhanced” audience-verification metric) more than a year ago at its March 2022 developers conference in New York City (link).

“We need local to evolve,” Frank Comerford, chief revenue officer and president of commercial operations for the NBC-owned stations, told MediaPost, adding, “We were the last major medium talking about rating points.”



Comerford was referring to the fact that the NBC stations -- like much of the rest of the local TV marketplace -- have shifted to selling audience impressions, and as part of that, its new currency partners will enable enhanced ways of analyzing it.

Comscore, for example, will begin reporting demographic composition of local TV audiences beginning this fall, vis a vis a Big Data attribution system, while Innovid will enable local advertisers to see how their local buys convert into online actions including sales and other performance metrics.

While NBCU originally announced it had certified both audience data suppliers as local market currencies more than a year ago, Comerford and NBCU Executive Vide President-Measurement & Impact Kelly Abcarian said it’s taken local advertisers and agencies time to “operationalize” the data so that both sides could transact on it.

Specifically, they said the data needed to be able to be processed via the local planning and buying systems used by agencies and local advertisers such as MediaOcean’s, Strata and Wide Orbit, or in some cases, custom agency systems.

Beyond that, the NBCU execs said the timing of today’s announcement was coincidental with next week’s beginning of the network upfront selling season, because local TV doesn’t have an upfront, per se.

“We’re an always on marketplace,” Comerford said, adding that the timing is important because some national and global advertisers also buy local media as part of their annual planning.

“We’ve been preparing for this change and now we’re ready to do business,” he said.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, May 12, 2023 at 7:36 a.m.

    Incredible that they think that set usage-based "impressions" for set top box homes  is a move forward from viewer-based GRP projections that, in theory, represent all kinds of homes. Equally incredible is the idea that "impressions"---aka the number of "viewers" or homes supposedly "reached" per quarter hour---including those that zap the commercials---is different than GRPs---the percent of the population  that is supposedly  "reached" by the advertiser's commercial. Tabulated properly, impressions and GRPs should give you exactly the same answers---as they always have.

    As for local market TV being the last medium which  uses GRPs for planning, that's hard to swallow. "Impressions" may  be OK for digital media's search and direct response advetisers, but it's not the norm for branding campaigns---just about all of which use GRPs for all media.

  2. John Grono from GAP Research, May 20, 2023 at 9:22 a.m.

    NBCU ... does that now stand for Not-Backed as Currency Usage?

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