'Washington Post' Debuts Landing Page For Deep Reads

The Washington Post has launched a landing page for Deep Reads, immersive narrative reporting. 

Stories on the new page will have a Deep Reads label affixed to the top of the article. 

Monday’s Deep Reads offering is titled, “Football bonded them. Its violence tore them apart.” Writen by sports reporter Kent Babb, it tells the story of a group of Harvard teammates and the health complications they face after years of play. 

On May 1, the Post published the story, “A school shooting left a 7-year-old terrified to go back. At 13, she found a way.”

In addition to its own landing page, Deep Reads can also be found in The Post Most and Must Reads newsletters.

The Post has always been home to “excellent narrative journalism and a destination for great writers,” says Krissah Thompson, managing editor. “With Deep Reads we are spotlighting these stories and bringing together our finest literary journalism in one place.”





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