Strong Roots Highlights Plant-Based Food In OOH New York Push

Strong Roots, the global plant-based frozen-food company, is taking its mission of healthy, delicious and sustainable food to New York.

The Oberland agency just created an out-of-home campaign that runs in the New York City subway, Grand Central Terminal and on digital signage outside subway stops through May 29. Strong Roots also named the agency global brand steward, with a remit to expand into new markets.

Colorful poster ads promote products such as cauliflower hash browns, spinach bites and sweet potato hash browns, accompanied by headlines that speak to New Yorkers: “Your vegan Bushwick situationship is coming over for dinner.” Or, “So good, your roommate will steal them and lie to your face.”

“Our target audience is New Yorkers who love delicious, stress-free food, so basically everyone. We're vegan-friendly, but loved by consumers from Whole Foods to ShopRite, and wanted to reach people across the city with some great food and a great deal,” Jason Moyer, Strong Roots’ Chief Marketing Officer, told Agency Daily.



“We wanted to reach flexitarians on the F train. Our goal is to give great discounts to Strong Roots customers and reach people who want to expand their freezer options,” he added.

The package design and logo by Oberland highlights Strong Roots' expansion in Europe and North America. The company’s core markets are Ireland and the U.K. The agency will continue to develop consumer ads and provide B2B and trade support.

The brand’s goal is to be available to 10% of the world’s population within the next three years.

Oberland co-founder-CEO Drew Train said both agency and client are certified B Corps, an important distinction for consumers who care about the values and principles of the brands they support.

Strong Roots has been expanding its reach. Its U.S. sales have grown by 33.5% year-over-year.

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