Agency Media Vet Lowenthal Joins Ad Industry AI Platform Inuvo

Barry Lowenthal, the long-time agency media vet who most recently served as CEO of The Media Kitchen, has joined Little Rock, AR-based AI developer Inuvo as president.

Inuvo bills itself as the "first generative AI solution made specifically for brands and agencies."

Lowenthal, who stepped down from CEO of The Media Kitchen early this year following a restructuring of parent Stagwell's media operations, previously was a top media exec at Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners.

He has written extensively about his sojourn into next-generation media, including Web3 and AI in recent months.

"What inspired me about the company was that it had the vision to invent and deliver a solution to the ad industry, solving its biggest challenge, years before anyone else even saw the problem coming," Lowenthal said in a statement announcing his new role. "I’m of course talking about how the cookie and other technical methods are currently being used to access consumer information for targeting. What amazed me about Inuvo was that it was using a proprietary language model based on generative artificial intelligence on par with ChatGPT and Bard to solve a cookieless future. My knowledge of the industry and the relationships I have forged throughout will immediately be used to accelerate Inuvo’s growth.”



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