New York Times And Union Agree On Contract After Two Years Of Negotiations

The New York Times and the New York Times Guild have reached a contract agreement that would give union members an immediate 12.5% salary raise.

The deal follows two years of often contentious negotiations and events such as a 24-hour strike.  

“After more than two years of negotiations, we can finally say it: @NYTimesGuild and @nytimes have reached a tentative agreement on a groundbreaking new collective bargaining agreement,” the union tweeted Tuesday. 

The five-year deal must still be ratified by the union membership. A vote is expected in the coming week, the Times reports.  

According to the Times, the agreement will also raise the required minimum salary from $37,500 to $65,000. Union members have not received contractual raises since 2020.   

The union represents nearly 1,500 employees in the newsroom, advertising and other areas of the company. There are more than 1,800 employees in the newsroom. 



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