On Brand: Zenni Gets More, Pays Less With In-Housing

Zenni’s Senior Director, Performance Marketing Dennis Maxwell has nothing against agencies, so don’t take this personally. He even started as an intern at and agency. And he was well aware of how much effort goes into media buying and planning. But at our recent Brand Insider Summit: D2C he argues that often the interests of the client just doesn’t align well with the goals and business models of their agencies. One of the things I liked about his presentation is his willingness to dig into the nuts and bolts of the process, the risk and rewards and the timelines involved. And he is clear about how, where and why Zenni realized greater growth and savings by challenging the ways in which agencies had served them. It provided an opportunity to rethink their allocations and overall media strategy aimed at growth. It is a great example of how in-housing is not just a matter of in-housing.

Stick around for the audience Q&A his presentation sparked about incrementality testing, promotions strategy and measurement strategy.

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