Acura EV Will Integrate Google Connectivity

The Acura 2024 ZDX, the brand's first electric vehicle, will feature Acura's first integration of Google built in for seamless on-the-go connectivity when it arrives early 2024.

The American Honda luxury brand will give customers a choice of technology partners by combining embedded Google apps and services with  in-vehicle connectivity, said Raj Manakkal, assistant vice president, digital services development for American Honda Motor Co.

The aim is to "advance the fun and productive ownership experience,” Manakkal says.

Other automakers with Google built in include Polestar, Volvo and General Motors as well as Honda, Acura's sibling at American Honda. 

An enhanced version of Google Maps for EV customers will offer Acura ZDX drivers optimized route planning for recharging, including finding charging stations along the way to minimize travel time. 



Google Maps can also estimate the charging time required to reach destination and can initiate preconditioning of the EV battery when the destination is a DC Fast charging station. With Google Assistant, users can call or text a contact, set reminders, change the temperature in the car or navigate to their next destination using just their voice. 

Users also can ask Google Assistant to set their destination in Google Maps, and the route map will be displayed on the instrument cluster.

Drivers can control their media by asking Google Assistant to skip to the next track or rewind a podcast using the driver's favorite media apps.

Other intuitive technologies have also been integrated into ZDX's cabin as standard equipment, including a digital driver instrumentation display, a large center touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility.

The brand will serve as the “tip of the spear” for digitalization at American Honda, according to the automaker, with 100% of Acura EV sales taking place online, starting in early 2024 with the ZDX and ZDX Type S.

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