Toyota Highlights GR Corolla Prowess In Online Video

Toyota is concluding a series of long-form videos poking fun at the behind-the-scenes advertisement creation process.

“The Shoot” features Toyota Gazoo Racing team drivers behind the wheel of the 300-hp rally-inspired Toyota GR Corolla hot hatch.

The tongue-in-cheek series first kicked off with “The Pitch” episode in 2021, in which the GR Supra was the starring model as the bright-eyed “creatives” went to work on a campaign for the high-powered rear wheel drive sports coupe. 

They pitched concepts like a drifting pizza driver, much to the dismay of the “executives." At the time, the Supra was the only GR badged model available in the U.S., and the episode launched the sports car brand for the market.

With the next episode, the GR “creatives” pushed the limits even further. In “The Focus Group” they met with the “executives” while watching a group of customers react to different and highly exaggerated driving sequences in an abandoned mall. 



The episode also teased the hotly anticipated third U.S. GR model, the GR Corolla, appearing as an Easter egg in the video and coyly foreshadowed in a ”executive’s” comment about missing a third car for a flying-V.

In “The Shoot,” the GR Corolla takes the lead role. This time the GR Corolla’s GR AWD system helps the “creatives” bring their concepts to life while the “executives” continue to give notes.

The episode even pulls in a reference to an old Corolla commercial from Australia. Ultimately, the call for “more GR!” brings all the models to the streets for an epic final series of stunts. No CGI was used in the driving sequences. 

Created by Sweatpants Media in partnership with Toyota Gazoo Racing, the spots used striking natural scenery and professional stunt drivers. The campaign aims to  show how the GR Supra, GR86, and GR Corolla symbolize the power of self-expression with fun-to-drive, stylish sports cars, according to the automaker.

Toyota will share the spot across its Toyota USA social platforms on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. “The Focus Group” and “The Pitch” are also available for viewing on the GR Family page on

The campaign’s digital emphasis includes a mix of native video and video link advertisements that will run through June-August.

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