Instagram Adds Music Sharing And Translations To 'Notes' Feature

Meta is updating Instagram Notes-- an inbox-based status message feature -- to include music-sharing and translations in various languages.

In general, Notes asks users to first “Share a thought…” allowing them to type up to 60 characters of text or emoji. The note will then appear at the top of their friends’ inboxes for 24 hours. Replies appear as direct messages in the app.

When Notes was originally released in December, users were able to use text and emojis. Now, they are able to share a 30-second song clip to connect with their close friends and share with their community what music they’ve been enjoying.

In addition, users can now add a caption to the music Note, sharing their thoughts alongside the song clip.

Music Notes is launching alongside Translations. Utilizing the same functionality embedded in Post descriptions, comments and Reels, users can now tap the “See translation” link below a friend’s note written in a different language. The note will then be automatically translated into the language of their choice.

During its initial testing of the Notes feature, Meta said it found that “people liked having a lightweight, easy way to share what's on their mind and start conversations,” providing users with a more casual, spontaneous option to connect.

Music and Translation Notes began rolling out across the globe on Tuesday.

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