Experiential Marketing Tips For Father's Day

With Father's Day right around the corner -- and planning early, perhaps for next year -- if your brand wants to reach out to dads in your local community, an experiential marketing event is just what you need.

Identify the right Father's Day location for your pop-up event.  Take a tip from Dad and "fish where the fish are." In simple terms, plan to host your event in stores where dads like to shop.

Hardware, auto parts, and sports equipment stores are promising sites to reach your target audience on Father's Day. One of my top recommendations is Ace Hardware because, unlike some big box retailers, Ace locations are family owned and are happy to support the local Little League Team or town VFW. Aligning your brand with a trusted community retailer scores instant consumer confidence.

Offer a branded takeaway that coordinates with your Father's Day theme. Branded multi-tools, mini screwdriver sets, Swiss army knives, tape measures, pocketknives, mini magnetic levels, and telescoping flashlights are surprisingly affordable hits at hardware stores.



You also can't go wrong at auto parts shops handing out branded tire gauges, gloves, windshield scraper combos, auto safety kits, LED flashlight/bottle opener key chains, or car accessory kits. At sports stores, let dads choose between branded water bottles, fishing lures, portable fans, sports towels, golf balls, and rain ponchos. 

Above all, cut through the clutter and reward Dad. If your swag is relevant to your brand and offers value to dads, they will carry it to their homes, cars, and offices. This will keep your brand's name front and center long after the event is over.

To make your event even more exciting for Dad, try executing some enter-to-win contests with no purchase necessary. A few of our favorite summertime giveaways for dads are grills and YETI coolers.

Plan an event Dad will remember long after Father's Day. For example, plan an engaging family-friendly activity, such as a “Dads vs. Kids” cornhole toss or a no-smiling contest with kids facing down dad. The best “dad jokes” are sure to bring smiles, and you may even want to stage a photo op where dads dress up like their favorite superheroes.

When planning how to engage dads at your event, keep your pitch short and sweet. Let them know how your brand stands out and offer a clear call to action. Don't forget to come prepared with marketing materials, discounts, promos, or coupons.

Your Father's Day experiential marketing event should be fun, memorable and convey a clear brand message that resonates with dads in your target audience. Use these tips to plan an experience that families will remember for a lifetime.

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