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Progressive Launches 'Barbie'-Themed Spot

Progressive Insurance is partnering with Warner Bros. for a tie-in to the upcoming “Barbie” movie. 

This summer, Progressive will air new, pink-plastered creative featuring the brand's Flo, Jamie, Alan and Mara in dreamy Barbie Land. The 15-second and 30-second spots will run on streaming and digital platforms ahead of the official “Barbie” theatrical release on July 21. 

In the spot, Jamie talks about his “special secret” client.

“I can’t say who it is, but let’s just say she bundled her dream house and her dream car for round-the-clock protection with Progressive,” he tells his co-workers, who don’t offer any guesses on the client, to Jamie’s chagrin. “Oh, she has another house in Malibu. She’s been an astronaut, an architect, a CEO.”



When his coworkers seemingly fail to pick up on his hints, an increasingly frustrated Jamie offers a last-ditch hint. 

“I’d love to tell you who her boyfriend is, but I don’t think I Ken,” he says, trying to drop a not-so-subtle hint. 

Progressive is the official insurance sponsor of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Barbie” movie.

This is not the first movie that the insurance company has created a campaign around. Progressive released ”Ghostbusters"-themed spots to  tie in to the release of the film by the same name in 2016, as well as "Jurassic Park"-themed spots in 2022 tied to “Jurassic World Dominion.”

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