Lytics, LiveRamp Collaborate On Identity Marketing, Kraft Pilots Program

Lytics, a customer data platform (CDP) for Google Cloud customers, and LiveRamp, a data collaboration platform, have formed a strategic partnership to improve match rates for marketers looking for unified platform to better understand customers. The goal is to deliver a better, personalized experiences.

Low match rates due to the lack of a clear path to identify both unknown and known consumers acted like a barrier to triggering highly, targeted segments.

The strategy, built on the partnership, is available to a select number of customers in a pilot program. About 60% of those are consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Carlos Abrams Rivera, president of North America Zone at Kraft, said the company partnered with Google, Lytics, and LiveRamp to create a data platform that consolidates more than 400 unique attributes across more than 25 million unique consumer records its own database.

“We are able to qualify barriers to break out potential needs at the ground level,” he said.

Powered by LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, RampID, and machine learning, Lytics will serve as one platform for data management, data pipeline, and identity enrichment, and will give marketers the ability to accelerate identity-based marketing.

Since enhancements and activation occur in near real-time, customers can begin to see returns nearly immediately. The precise time frame for impacting campaign return on investment (ROI) will depend on a number of variables outside the discretion of Lytics or LiveRamp.

RampID is LiveRamp’s people-based pseudonymous identifier and is based on LiveRamp’s identity framework, which includes more than 45 years of offline data.

This partnership enables marketers to leverage RampID via Lytics user profiles to create audience segments, and then activate those segments across the channels they choose. LiveRamp’s premier global ecosystem of partners provides incomparable reach for marketers to activate across.

The next phase of the partnership for marketers will focus on the integration of LiveRamp’s identity capabilities with Lytics’ consumer data platform (CDP), and the creation of a unified platform to enable data management, data pipeline, and identifying data.

The main benefit for marketers focuses on complete customer profiles through the integration of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) and online identity services into Lytics' data-management capabilities. It allow marketers to more accurately retarget site visitors and power Conversion API signals within cookieless environments via RampID, including Meta’s Conversion API.

Today, RampID is used to transact with all major digital platforms and almost every top publisher, and is available on more than 14,000 publisher domains.

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