Nielsen Inks Business Outcome Data Deal With EDO

Nielsen has struck a deal with TV ad business outcome company EDO where its data will be included in Nielsen One Ads. 

In turn, Nielsen’s measurement data will be included in EDO’s predictive behaviors platform. In addition, EDO’s data will be part of Nielsen’s planning software.

The companies say the deal will allow media buyers and sellers to plan and optimize cross-media/TV campaigns in a single, “streamlined view of ad measurement.”

Since 2015, EDO’s database has included linking national TV and streaming ad airings data to search.

Nielsen plans to integrate EDO’s predictive outcomes data into Nielsen One Ads in the future.



The combined datasets will be available for linear TV planning in 2023, with linear and connected TV planning and measurement made available in 2024.

In a statement, Chief Executive Officer/President of EDO Kevin Krim said: “For years, our clients have manually combined Nielsen reach and frequency with EDO predictive outcomes to get the most out of their investment decisions and campaign plans, but the complexity of a streaming and linear landscape demands better solutions."

Nielsen One Ads, which offers a deduplicated view of ads across screens, was initially launched in the U.S. this past January.

Nielsen ONE Content Alpha, which provides cross-platform, deduplicated and syndicated TV programming content metrics across devices, will be available later this year. 

Alpha is the first iteration of Nielsen One's cross-platform measurement of content to be released in late 2024.

Earlier this year, Nielsen said it had re-earned Media Rating Council accreditation for its national TV ratings. 

In September 2021, the MRC, the media industry's measurement watchdog, voted to suspend the accreditation for Nielsen's national TV measurement service after it undercounted TV viewership during the pandemic.

But MRC has yet to re-accredit Nielsen local or digital measurement, or its upcoming Nielsen One platform.

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