Maserati Teases Short 'Heartfelt' Film

Maserati is teasing an upcoming short film with what the luxury brand is calling a “heartfelt” subject matter. 

Titled "Companions on a Journey," it is directed by film director Ferzan Ozpetek. No agency was involved in its creation, per the automaker.

A 60-second trailer was released this week on YouTube. The final film will be viewable on the brand’s social media platforms at minimum, per a spokesperson.

The short delves into “an extraordinary story about family bonds, automotive passion and the symphony of life,” according to a release. The film "will follow three siblings as they embark on a journey across the peninsula with the intention of reuniting with their father, a renowned orchestra conductor, bearing an incredible gift.”

The “heartfelt” narrative showcases the unique personalities of a family through an emotional journey powered by their individual cars: the MC20 Cielo Spyder, the iconic GranTurismo, and the “everyday exceptional” Grecale SUV.



It's an "adventure, celebrating the unique connection between humans, cars, hearts and arts,” according to the automaker.

Founded in 1914, Maserati has been part of the Fiat Group since 2005 – now Stellantis – and is a top sports car and luxury sedan brand, exporting to more than 77 countries.

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