Kia Uses Humor To Show Off SUV's Performance

Kia America is taking a humorous approach to show off the capabilities of one of its SUVs.

The campaign for the 2023 Kia Sportage Turbo-Hybrid SUV launched yesterday and includes a 30-second spot from AOR David & Goliath. 

The creative premise is similar to the automaker’s Super Bowl spot, “Binky,” which showed the lengths a beleaguered father goes to in order to placate his crying baby, who wants his pacifier. In that spot, the 2023 Kia Telluride X-Pro All-Terrain AWD SUV gets him through the treacherous terrain he encounters on the way.

"Bird’s Eye View” features a young couple on a mountaintop as they set the timer on their camera phone and pose for picture. Just as they smile for the camera, a bird swoops down and snatches the phone before flying off. 



The couple hop in their Sportage Turbo-Hybrid SUV and give chase, following the bird as it takes them over hills, through streams and higher up the mountain via rugged and rocky trails.

At the top of the mountain, the bird drops the phone into its nest below and flies off. The young girl then cautiously approaches the nest and looking in, is relieved to find her phone intact.

The full spot and cutdowns will run on broadcast and digital. The effort also includes out-of-home, social media and print in enthusiast publications such as MotorTrend, Road and Track and Car & Driver

The spot’s creative is a metaphor, reminding viewers that no matter what circumstances provoke, they have the power to overcome obstacles or challenges that life has in store, much like the 2023 Kia Sportage Turbo-Hybrid, according to the automaker. 

The vehicle has a turbocharged engine, best-in-class horsepower, and estimated 521-mile range which can help overcome those obstacles including detours, traffic jams or even low fuel tanks.

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