Warner Bros. Ropes In Barbie Pink Marketing, Search

Wall Street may need to re-evaluate the impact the Barbie movie will have on Mattel stock. The movie isn't set to hit theaters until Friday, but some estimate it could have an opening weekend of between $90 million and $100 million.

Searches on Pinterest within the past couple of months for “barbiecore” rose to 980%, while “barbie moodboard” rose to 1,290% compared with a year ago. 

Those searching on Pinterest continue to dive into the “Barbiecore” trend for inspiration, looking for ways to “Barbie-fy” all aspects of their lives -- from food to cars to parties -- and do it in unique and hyper-personalized ways. 

Even in May 2023, "barbie theme outfit" searches on Pinterest rose more than 485% compared with May 2022. 

Based on the increase, Pinterest partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to extend its brand campaign, titled It’s Possible, with an ad that brings in an unexpected character, Ken.

Cameron Curtis, executive vice president of global digital marketing at Warner Bros. Pictures, believes bringing Ken in the foreground will add an additional “bright pink spotlight” on Barbie.

Pinterest data shows that between May 2022 and May 2023, searches for "Barbie live-action" rose to 1,305%, while "Barbie Margot Robbie" was up 1,630%, and "hot pink chrome nails," pulled from Barbie's color palette, is up 1,465%, according to TMZ.

The campaign launched on July 14 and will run in the U.S. and UK across social and display. The ad plays on the idea that Ken lives out the user’s dreams on Pinterest, providing inspirations on wardrobe to rollerblades or a new car. All inspired by the film. 

Accompanying the campaign, Pinterest curated Not Just Ken and Barbie boards featuring shoppable items including Barbie Impala skates and Barbie and the OPI collection.

On Pinterest, people are interpreting Barbie culture in diverse and personalized ways. The top 10 trending Barbie-related searches on Pinterest pulled from global search data in May 2023, and compared with May 2022, rose:

  • barbie theme outfit -- 485%
  • barbie margot robbie -- 1,630%
  • hot pink chrome nails -- 1,465%
  • barbie live action -- 1,305%
  • barbie moodboard -- 1,290%
  • barbie adult birthday party -- 1,140%
  • barbiecore -- 980%
  • iconic barbie outfits -- 965%
  • hot pink y2k -- 635%
  • pink bronco -- 570%
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