Publishers Cope With Changing Ad Tech Landscape: Study

Publishers are warily eyeing the economy and the changing compliance picture, judging by Publishers’ Priorities And Strategies In A Changing AdTech Landscape, a study released Tuesday by Emodo. 

Publishers list these top three priorities: 

  • The impact of the economy on our business—57% 
  • The growth of attention metrics—52% 
  • Privacy and cookie/ID depreciation—40% 

Publishers who feel their programmatic business is demand constrained are more likely to consider the economy a top three priority—58% do, versus 42% who feel supply constrained. 

Moreover, publishers are noticing that advertisers are paying more attention to attention metrics. The reason? Traditional metrics like reach and viewability do not adequately capture performance.  



As for data, 65% of the publishers surveyed do not believe that solutions like first-party data and alternative IDs address the ID loss challenge.  

That said, 81% do not choose monetization partners based on their approach to ID loss.  

And only 37% maximize bid density as a key programmatic strategy. 

In addition, only 30% of publishers now utilize Support Path Optimization (SPO), either accepting it or rejecting it, largely for their own reasons, not those of demand partners. 

How do publishers choose monetization partners? They assess:

  • The size and level of revenue of a partner—37%
  • The uniqueness of a partner’s demand sources—36%
  • The match between a partner’s demand sources and our content, such as geography or vertical—35%
  • The quality of a partner’s demand sources or brands—33% 
  • The consumer’s experience with their advertising products—29%
  • The uniqueness of a partner’s creative formats—27% 

The study also found that:  

  • 46% say video is their highest CPM earner, while many derive their highest CPMs from native and banner ads c
  • 76% that actively offer native inventory drive higher CPMs with that than with other formats.
  • Only 30% say  native is a significant portion of their inventory 

Emodo, working with Persuasion Art, surveyed 142 vetted publishing-side professionals in the U.S. 

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