Hyundai, Healthy Seas Renew, Expand Partnership

Hyundai and Healthy Seas are in a third year of partnership with a clean-up project in the Mediterranean Sea.

This endeavor proved to be one of the most challenging thus far for the partnership, as the divers encountered difficult conditions, including a remote location and limited supplies on board, according to Hyundai. 

Over the course of an eight-day expedition that concluded on June 29, volunteer divers from five countries managed to remove nearly one ton of ghost gear.

The location where the divers retrieved the ghost gear was a shipwreck from World War II, sunk during the Battle of Convoys, and still containing several aerial bombs and vehicles. 

While wrecks provide excellent habitats for marine life, they are also the most common entanglement sites for fishing nets, says Pascal van Erp, deputy director of Healthy Seas and founder of Ghost Diving.



It is estimated that 640,000 tons of fishing gear are lost or abandoned annually in the world’s seas and oceans, leading to the suffering and death of millions of marine animals.

The two companies have not only tackled challenging clean-up projects but also raised awareness about the importance of preserving our underwater heritage, says Michael Cole, president and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe.

Under Hyundai Motor’s “Progress for Humanity” brand vision, the company aims to create shared value by scaling social impacts and building a sustainable business ecosystem, among others. This mission inspired HMC’s latest CSV initiative, “Hyundai Continue.”

The effort aims for a sustainable future through its three core areas: Continue Earth, Continue Mobility, and Continue Hope. 

Continue Earth represents Hyundai Motor’s desire to take care of the planet and combat climate change. The technology and advancements from Continue Mobility will democratize mobility and make it safer. Continue Hope aims to educate future generations and support the growth of talented young people, according to the automaker. 

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