Do Networks Still Want Supposedly High-Rated Trump-Themed TV?

The New York Times headline says Trump Dines With Fox News Executives After Learning of Third Indictment."

I initially read that wrong. I thought it said “Trump Dines ON Fox News Executives...” 

Weren't Fox News Channel and some of its prime-time anchors on the outs with Donald Trump -- in the wake of certain off-air remarks? In addition, Trump has been regularly attacking Fox over the last several months -- as well as making strong negative remarks about the network on his Truth Social site.

We understand why the dinner took place -- for both parties. Fox News Channel is still a TV network, and they want what every network wants: High viewership and engagement. And for Trump? Getting more attention is always good.



Fox News Channel executives made a “soft” appeal in asking him to participate in the upcoming GOP Presidential debates, where he could give his reasoning to be the GOP candidate again -- as well as giving his side to the story with regard to a few Federal and State indictments that have landed at his doorstep.

At the same time, I'm guessing that Fox News executives -- if not MSNBC, CNN, and no doubt about 20 or more other networks -- would like also to see those possible trials televised -- which could be in full swing before the 2024 elections. 

For the most recent Federal indictment in Washington D.C. that decision to televise a trial rests with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Still, Trump-backed conspiracy proponents might not like this potential story. They and/or other viewers also might be let down.

Real-life trials do not offer big reveals on the order of scripted TV-style prime-time drama courtroom TV content. 

In addition, although the former president would be a central figure -- and would get some screen time -- much of that TV event, at least initially, would not see or hear him making a sound. 

But perhaps the former president could buy some TV advertising time on TV networks around that content, where -- at the same thing -- the 2024 election campaign would be in full swing.

Surely some of that $40 million or $50 million that he has been fundraising after each passing indictment and has been receiving could go back into TV industry.

Someone needs to pick up the check. Dine out on that.

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