Canadians In The FAST Lane

Like TV viewers in the U.S. and elsewhere, more Canadians are reducing their time with linear TV in favor of streaming in general and free, ad-supported services (FASTs) in particular.

That's according to a survey by LG Ad Solutions, which recently expanded its connected TV and cross-screen solution into the Canadian market. 

LG found eight in 10 internet-connected Canadians saying they have connected TVs. 

Its survey of 756 of these CTV owners, using an online panel balanced to the Canadian census, found 87% saying they pay for one or more streaming apps. 

But 61% said they prefer to stream free content rather than pay for subscriptions — up 5% versus a similar survey in this market in 2022. 

More than half (55%) said they are willing to cancel a subscription after watching the desired content, and 38% report cancelling a streaming service due to economic concerns. 



While only 14% reported adding a FAST in the past 12 months, just 4% reported dropping a FAST -- both about the same as last year. In comparison, 27% reported adding a paid subscription (down from 33% last year), and 22% reported dropping one (up from 17% last year). 

And while 57% reported watching about the same amount of cable or satellite TV now as 12 months ago, and 17% reported watching more, 26% said they’re watching less traditional pay-TV — up from 15% reporting the same in 2022. 

Thirty-nine percent reported watching FASTs, with nearly a quarter spending two to five hours per week watching these free services, 9% six to nine hours per week, and 6% 10 or more hours per week (chart top of page).

Looking at paid streaming service use, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ retained their top-three share positions, but Netflix dipped slightly, while Prime Video and Disney+ gained three and four percentage points, respectively. 

Canada’s Crave service was up by a point, to 23%, and Apple TV+ remained at 19%.

Paramount+ gained four points, to reach a 12% share, and Discovery+ two points, for a 9% share. Only YouTube Premium/YouTube TV showed a slight dip, from 18% to 15%.


Regarding advertising, nearly half (46%) of respondents said they feel that streaming ads are more relevant to them than traditional TV ads, and 33% said they pay more attention to ads they see while streaming.


Fully 90% report multitasking with a mobile device while watching (53% citing messaging, 34% game playing, and 31% shopping). 

And Canadians TV viewers are somewhat more likely than U.S. viewers to visit a product’s web site (44%), search it online (41%) and talk about the ad or the product (38%) after seeing a CTV ad.

On the content search front, nearly half (45%) report using the home page of the TV screen for content discovery purposes (16% more than U.S. viewers), while 31% use specific apps’  home pages for this purpose (21% fewer than U.S. viewers).

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