Pact Would Help Media Owners Manage Programmatic, Direct Sales

Sell-side ad firm Magnite has formed an integration with FreeWheel, a global technology platform for the TV advertising industry. 

The goal is to enable media owners to “manage their revenue streams holistically across programmatic and traditional direct sales,” says Sean Buckley, chief revenue officer at Magnite.

FreeWheel will integrate programmatic requests from Magnite into its TV platform to provide its publisher clients with unified decisioning capabilities. 

In addition, mutual publisher clients will have better insight into ad creative, frequency capping and holistic management across systems and sales execution types, the firm says.

“By better integrating Magnite’s programmatic technology, we continue to execute on our goal of maximizing competition and demand for our clients’ inventory via unified ad decisioning within FreeWheel’s TV Platform,” says Soo Jin Oh, chief strategy officer at FreeWheel.



Warner Bros. Discovery is one client. 

“Efforts to drive interoperability and unify decisioning across demand sources are key to helping media companies manage inventory and optimize advertising solutions in an increasingly complex TV ecosystem,” says Jill Steinhauser, senior vice president, advertising sales planning and operations at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Steinhauser adds: “FreeWheel and Magnite are paving the way for greater interoperability and helping to solve for one of the industry’s most pressing challenges.”

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