Optimove Adds SMS To Its Marketing Toolkit

Optimove, which offers what it calls a customer-led marketing platform, has added SMS to its email marketing and data services in an effort to provide a single solution. 

The move follows the company’s launch of OptiText, a native, personalized SMS tool. 

The goal is to provide guidance to help brands “place the customer at the heart of every marketing action,” says David Hardy, vice president of business services for Optimove. 

Hardy notes that "SMS is a critical component of any effective mobile marketing strategy, but it can be a difficult channel to master.”

In addition, Optimove has expanded its Strategic Services, adding SMS to such services as:

  • Marketing strategy consulting 
  • Managed services 
  • Data Modeling as a Service (DMaaS) 
  • Full-Service Multi-channel agency, including consultancy on email design, content and frequency best practices. 
  • Customized BI reports 


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