Taylor Swift Concert Film Looks To Build On Female-Powered Entertainment

Tears and regret will hopefully be dispelled for anyone missing out on Taylor Swift's oversold, wildly popular, billion dollar-producing Eras Tour.

This will come with a Taylor Swift concert movie coming in mid-October for an entire weekend to a theater near you. Or maybe longer.

The largest U.S. theater chain -- AMC Theaters -- promises that not only will every single one of its theaters show “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” on October 13, but it will run all day long -- four times a day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Theater pricing will reflect the whole supply-and-demand thing surrounding the current Swift tour -- $19.89 for adults and $13.13 for children and seniors. At higher-end theaters --- Imax and Dolby Cinema -- tickets will cost more.



Typical concert movies have been a one- or two-night thing. But the Swiftie concert movie may be another thing. 

The opening day of the event -- the 13th day, a Friday -- is important to Taylor Swift. The number "13" happens to be Swift's favorite number.

Given the typical doldrums that the movie business has between the summer and winter/holiday big blockbuster intended time periods, the Swift concert film will be more than welcomed for a mid-fall, October start.

How much will the movie need in other marketing and media advertising? Initially, probably not very much.

“Swifties” are a highly informed group. Even for those who have already been to her concert, they don't really need a TV commercial reminding them that Taylor Swift now has a concert movie coming.

And don't discount that those who have already saw her concert will also see the movie -- even if it would be more or less a repeat of what they have seen live.

Given that movie theaters want to be accommodating to major revenue-producing, sudden fan-inspired entertainment, the Swift concert film could go on past the initial run -- ready to give another end-of-the-year kick for the business. Already one movie -- '"The Exorcist: Believer" has moved to an earlier October 6 release date, all to avoid the running into the expected Swift theatrical storm.

Already this summer, the movie industry benefited from the sudden, unexpected success of Warner Bros.' “Barbie.” Now a female-focused entertainment performer looks to more theatrical success.

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