Xumo's Ad-Supported Programming Now Iris-Enabled

Xumo has joined the Iris.TV video data platform as a partner.

Its ad-supported programming will now integrate the IRIS_ID, enabling advertisers to use brand suitability and contextual data partners to target connected TV inventory within the Xumo programming.  

Iris data partners use AI, including computer vision and natural language processing, to analyze video frame-by-frame and assign segments from standard contextual taxonomies such as IAB, sentiment, emotion, object recognition, celebrities, logos, brand safety, as well as GARM brand suitability.

Xumo, which provides content owners, distributors and advertisers with tools and services to make free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) more accessible, currently powers 850+ channels on its network of distribution endpoints in more than 170 countries.

In addition, the company’s own FAST service, Xumo Play, offers hundreds of ad-supported linear channels and on-demand options. It serves as the anchor on Xumo’s streaming devices and is also available as an app on other streaming platforms.

Other recently added Iris.TV partners include Blue Ant Media, LG Ad Solutions, Future Today and Vizio Ads.



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